New Procedures for Updating Company Information with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

Posted on January 13, 2014 by Mike Montali in Business Compliance.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue recently made changes to the procedures for updating company information.  Businesses that are registered through the e-Tides system are now able to update company information online instead of having to file the paper forms REV-854 (EIN, Filing Period, and Address Change) and REV-1605 (Schedule CO – Names of Corporate Officers).  This procedure helps businesses make changes to their account information more readily.  Please note that form REV-1605 must still be used to add a corporate officer.  Businesses can still add or update account information when filing the PA Corporate Tax Report (RCT-101).

The new 10-digit Revenue ID numbers that were recently issued to Pennsylvania businesses can be viewed within e-Tides.  The Department of Revenue encourages businesses to use their new ID number in all correspondence with the Department.

Should you have any questions about tax requirements, please contact your tax professional.  As always, feel free to contact us for help filing business documents.