New Expedited Services from Pennsylvania Department of

Posted on January 5, 2014 by Mike Montali in Business Compliance.

The Pennsylvania Bureau of Corporations is now offering expedited processing services for businesses starting January 6, 2014.  Three levels of service are available:

  • One-hour service (received by 4PM ET) – $1,000 plus filing fee
  • Three-hour service (received by 2PM ET) – $300 plus filing fee
  • Same-day service (received by 10AM ET) – $100 plus filing fee

These fees apply to each document filed.  Documents must be delivered in person to the Bureau at 401 North Street, Suite 206, Harrisburg, PA to be eligible for expedited processing.  The state will return expedited filings by email.

Should you need to expedite a filing, we can help facilitate the process.  Please contact us as you need assistance.