Get a Better Return on Your Investment in Compliance

Posted on June 25, 2018 by admin in Business Compliance.

Every business must complete its share of regulatory paperwork, from business licenses to annual reports to tax filings. But you don’t have to tie up staff hours doing it. And you don’t have to slow your business to match the pace of government when you’re looking to enter new territories or add lines of service.

You can jettison the paperwork, achieve a better return on investment (ROI) on those staff hours, and reduce your risks of regulatory missteps by investing in our fully managed compliance solutions. Through our unique combination of proprietary compliance software, dedicated account teams, and deep expertise in nationwide compliance, we deliver ROIs of 30X and more for our clients on business licensing and other compliance services.

We achieve results like these every day for clients with multi-state licensing and reporting needs. The returns result from efficiencies and cost savings achieved through the following five means.

1. Automating routine paperwork.

Many regulatory tasks involve a lot of mundane paperwork, revolving deadlines, and recurrent tasks that are most efficiently and reliably managed through automation. Our proprietary compliance software reduces manual processing and speeds routine filings, allowing us to provide extraordinary value and agility to our clients.

2. Eliminating time spent on rejections and re-submissions.

Dedicated specialists who handle compliance full-time nationwide can manage filings in a fraction of the time that it takes in-house staff, who generally have limited dealings within a given jurisdiction each year. Each state handles filings such as registered agent service, annual reports, tax registrations, foreign qualification, and business licensing via different agencies and procedures. In some cases, filing is done through a dedicated online portal; in others, forms are uploaded or emailed. Some states still rely on paper forms sent by mail or fax. For businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions, this amounts to a lot of highly detailed paperwork, with deadlines running throughout the year.

Thanks to this complexity, in some states, as many as half of foreign qualification applications are rejected the first time around. In tough jurisdictions, we’ve had clients approach us after 3-4 rounds of unsuccessful submissions. That’s a terrible waste of staff hours.

3. Empowering your staff with compliance software.

Our state-of-the-art software lets your staff lose the routine paperwork, while keeping full control and immediate access to corporate records. Our Entity Manager and License Manager dashboards are interfaced with state databases to provide real-time reporting, easy access to documents, and the ability to create custom reports. Everything from occupation permits to annual reports to registered agents can be managed from the same interface, substantially reducing staff time devoted to tracking and maintenance. Records can also be shared among staff in different functional areas such as accounting, legal, and compliance, facilitating communication and providing better insights to guide planning.

4. Eliminating risks of missed deadlines and regulatory oversights.

While automation can cut the routine paperwork down to size, many aspects of compliance remain complex enough that they require expert, hands-on management. Our dedicated account teams include licensed attorneys who do more than ensure the quality of all filings. They also do research into obscure areas of compliance, provide expert guidance to help our clients reach their goals with the lowest costs and the fewest steps, and advocate with state agencies as needed to expedite filings. As a result, our clients are able to move more quickly on opportunities, enter new territories and lines of business faster, and reduce substantial risks of regulatory missteps such as penalties, fines, and reputation damage.

5. Navigating regulatory roadblocks with ease.

If you’re navigating challenges such as rejected applications, lapsed licenses, disciplinary actions, or loss of good standing, we can take immediate steps to minimize the damage. We’ll work to safeguard your reputation and restore good standing quickly. We handle complex cases and problem jurisdictions every day, and our compliance specialists have relationships with state agencies to facilitate prompt resolutions. Simply give us a call, or reach out online, to talk to a specialist.

Enjoy streamlined processes and consolidated billing.

We also provide numerous value-added services for our clients, including volume pricing, consolidated invoicing, custom research, compliance strategy, and licensing for just about any activity, in any jurisdiction. We’re not in this merely to sell services today; we’re looking to create the sort of long-term value for our clients that builds lasting partnerships.

If you would like to explore what kind of difference fully managed compliance could make for your business, give us a call, 1-888-995-5895 or get in touch today. We’ll be happy to help.