Forget Sink or Swim — Just Sail

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The old saying “sink or swim” feels apt when it comes to navigating government regulations. By the time many of our clients come to us, they feel like they’re drowning in government forms and fine print.

While the paperwork can be tiresome, and the bureaucracy can be downright exasperating (we recently successfully appealed to a governor to overcome an impasse for a client), compliance is an achievement, one that provides stability and credibility to your organization. Getting there requires some legwork, certainly, but it shouldn’t be a struggle. It’s our mission to help nonprofits and businesses enjoy the many benefits of compliance without the work and stress of navigating state requirements on their own — to take them from drowning, to swimming, to sailing.

As part of that mission, our Information Center contains thousands of pages of in-depth resources on corporate and nonprofit formation, registration, licensing, and reporting requirements. Our resources have been featured by the Small Business Administration, the Library of Congress, the National Council of Nonprofits, Charity Navigator, and others. We provide open access to all of our resources to help organizations that want to try to get there on their own move from a labored crawl to a determined swim. We’re glad to do that.

Some clients who approach us are holding their own with state requirements, but are wondering if their energy and focus could be better spent. Unless your mission is completing government paperwork, it can. For those clients, our entity management and licensing solutions can mean stepping out of the drink for good. Our dedicated account teams handle all of the government paperwork, from gathering information to preparing applications to filing and following up with state agencies. They are also available anytime clients have questions or additional needs. For clients who work with us, regulatory compliance is not a source of stress or an administrative burden. It’s a growth enabler, a reputation protector, and a means of stretching internal resources.

What does worry-free compliance look like? It means communicating a goal and knowing the regulatory aspects are handled. It means knowing you’re in good standing and fully licensed for all of your activities without having to track deadlines and file paperwork. And it means distancing yourself from the potential dangers lurking in the depths: penalties, citations, bad publicity, and diminished performance.

So if you’re a hard-core DIYer, an entrepreneur or administrative guru, welcome. Feel free to use our Information Center, bookmark and share our resources, and sign up for our webinars. We’re glad to provide support to help you establish and run a successful enterprise.

And if you’re tired of treading water and wondering if there’s an easier way to manage government filings, there is.

In any case, please feel free to reach out and talk with our compliance specialists. You won’t get a hard sell, you won’t get a bait-and-switch, you won’t get a lecture. What you will get is friendly, helpful service, expert advice, and concrete answers to your questions.

Come aboard. It’s smooth sailing from here! 1-888-995-5895.