Foreign Qualification: The Ultimate Guide

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When you’re ready to expand operations into a new state, one of the first tasks you need to tackle is registering your business with the secretary of state, a process known as foreign qualification. Foreign qualification is generally required to open facilities, hire employees, and purchase property in new states. It is also frequently required when providing goods and services or conducting regulated activities. Over the past several years, states have been expanding these requirements.

Our latest guide, Foreign Qualification: The Ultimate Guide, details requirements for every entity type, from limited liability companies and corporations to partnerships and nonprofits. The guide is free to download, print, and share.

Also be sure to check out our companion piece, Annual Reports: The Ultimate Guide. It contains everything you need to file timely annual reports in every U.S. jurisdiction, which is key to maintaining corporate good standing. The guide outlines filing instructions and deadlines, state contact information, and links to application forms.

Both guides are featured in our Information Center, which comprises 4,000 pages of free licensing, tax, and entity management resources for businesses, nonprofits, and professional services firms.

If you need help with any aspect of foreign qualification or filing annual reports, we can help. We provide dynamic data, dedicated software, and expert service options to keep your business moving forward at every stage of the corporate lifecycle. Choose our software-as-a-service and discover the power of full oversight of your licenses, entities, and registrations. Or choose fully managed service options and leave the paperwork to us so you can focus on the road ahead. Just give us a call, 1-888-995-5895. We’re glad to help.

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