Charitable Registration Questions? Our Fundraising Compliance Guide Has Answers

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Fundraising compliance can be complex and most nonprofits have questions, whether they’re new or long-established organizations. You might be wondering how online fundraising impacts your charitable solicitation registration requirements. What should you know before hiring a fundraising professional to help you coordinate charitable campaigns? What do you need to include in your charitable campaign disclosures? Are there special guidelines to partner with businesses for cause marketing campaigns? 

Our free Fundraising Compliance Guide offers answers to these and many other questions frequently asked by nonprofits. The guide explains what charitable solicitation registration entails, as well as the specific filing procedures in the 41 states requiring registration. We delve into related compliance topics such as holding charitable gaming events, hiring a fundraising counsel or professional solicitor, and engaging in cause marketing campaigns. The guide also covers details on state-level charitable disclosure guidelines and charitable registration audit requirements. 

If you would like to focus on supporting your organization mission, rather than filing state paperwork and keeping track of renewal requirements, we can help. Our compliance software and service options let you choose just the right amount of support to meet your needs. You can manage filings from a user-friendly interface, or offload the entire task to our specialists with options such as fundraising registration services. Just give us a call, 1-888-995-5895 or get in touch. We’re glad to help.

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