Annual Reports: The Ultimate Guide

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Businesses and nonprofits are generally required to file annual reports in each state where they are registered. These reports keep state authorities up to date on critical information regarding your entity, such as contact information, office locations, and officers and directors.

Filing these reports on time is one of many tasks required to maintain good standing. Yet deadlines are spread all over the map, and states don’t always send reminders of the due dates.

Our resources can help you stay on top of these critical corporate filings.

Our online guide to annual reports provides all the information you need to navigate state requirements. In it, you’ll find deadlines, fees, and filing instructions for nonprofits, corporations, and LLCs in every state.

In addition to our online guide, we’ve published a downloadable guide to annual reports suitable for printing and sharing with colleagues. Download your copy of Annual Reports: The Ultimate Guide today for easy reference.

If you would like to focus on operating your organization or business, rather than juggling annual report deadlines and filing state paperwork, we can help. Our powerful compliance software and fully managed services let you choose just the right amount of support to meet your needs. Manage filings from a single user-friendly interface, or offload the entire task to our specialists with options such as our managed annual reports service. Just give us a call, 1-888-995-5895 or get in touch. We’re glad to help.

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