5 Reasons to Use a National Registered Agent

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Posted on September 23, 2014 by James Gilmer in Business Compliance, Registered Agent.

As you expand your business into new states, it is important to have a national registered agent provider for each state you register in. Just as managing operating expenses and estimating ROI is important, hiring a single registered agent company across multiple states is part of a sustainable plan for growth.

Working with a single provider will also save you time, money, and a ton of headaches.

Here are our top five reasons for doing so. Feel free to add yours to the comments below:

  • Your needs will be understood! Your agent will get to know you, your filing needs, and be a partner for the life of your business. To us, your business isn’t just a number.
  • You can trust your agent! In the same way, you’ll work with a trustworthy agent wherever your business goes. Don’t gamble by hiring an unfamiliar service provider in each state.
  • Consistency of service: If you hire a national registered agent service, you’ll pay the same rate, and enjoy a consistent quality of service in every state.


  • Manage everything from one place: Why juggle relationships with several agents, when you can use one central provider? With our service, you can easily add new states, renew your service, add a company, and access your documents from your online account.
  • Save money! Our service is a flat $99 per year per state, and we won’t raise that rate annually. If you use us in multiple states, we’ll even give you a discount.

There are a lot of registered agent providers out there, and deciding isn’t always easy. But, as your business grows, using a trustworthy national registered agent is the way to go.

Harbor Compliance has a local office in all 50 states and DC for all your registered agent needs. For more information, visit our service page.