Georgia Fictitious Name Registration & Renewal

Registration requirements for Georgia business entities

Business entities that plan to use a name other than their legal business name may need to register an assumed name. Assumed name registration can take place at the state, local, or state and local levels of government. State specific registration information is available below.

Initial Application for Registration

Filing method:

Usually in-person or by mail.

Agency fee:

Usually about $200 including the publishing fee. Fees vary slightly by county.

Is registration mandatory?:

Every person, firm, or partnership using a fictitious name must register their trade name with the relevant county clerk.

County Level Filing:

Trade names are only registered at the county level through the clerk of the superior court in the county where the business is located.

Does registration prevent others from using the name I choose?:

Trade name registration does not offer name protection.

  • File a trade name registration in the county where your business activity principally takes place.
  • Domestic firms should file in the county of their legal domicile.
  • Trade names must be published for two weeks in the paper that runs the sheriff's advertisements.

Renewal Filing

Not required

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