Released September 16, 2019

Harbor Compliance Releases State Contractor Licensing Guide

Details Requirements for Construction Firms Nationwide

LANCASTER, Pa. September 16, 2019 – Today Harbor Compliance released State Contractor Licensing: The Ultimate Guide to help construction companies manage multi-state licensing effectively.

For contractors, getting licensed in time to bid on projects in new jurisdictions is a major business challenge. This guide helps firms navigate the licensing process more quickly by providing detailed requirements and helpful links for general contractors and residential construction companies in every state.

“For contractors, the licensing landscape is particularly challenging and complex,” said John Beck, Harbor Compliance Director of Market Strategy. “This guide eliminates a major stumbling block by putting all the licensing information needed to start the licensing process in any state in a single document.”

State Contractor Licensing: The Ultimate Guide details requirements including foreign qualification, bonds, financial statements, and insurance. In addition, the guide provides detailed filing instructions, fees, and links to state forms. Resources for maintaining existing licenses are also featured, including renewal deadlines, forms, and fees. Download the guide here.

Harbor Compliance has published a companion piece, Foreign Qualification: The Ultimate Guide, which details requirements for secretary of state registration in every state.

Both guides are featured in the company’s Information Center, which comprises 4,000 pages of free licensing, tax, and entity management resources for businesses, nonprofits, and professional services firms. 

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