Case Study: Craft Electric

Licensing for Rapid Growth

Craft Electric Company was prospering in its home state of Alabama when the electrical contractor landed a project with an innovative design and construction company. When the project was finished, the client made a proposal that could be a game changer for Craft—if they could get licensed in time to do the work.

The Challenge

Do a good job with the work you have, conventional wisdom has it, and more will come your way. The adage proved true enough for Craft Electric Company, whose performance on an initial project with a client opened the door to an unexpected opportunity. The client operates a large factory in Alabama where modules for hospitals such as bathrooms, operating suites, and offices are produced. The client was pleased with Craft’s performance and invited them to work on further projects.

A white truck used by Craft Electric contractors

To capitalize on the opportunity, Craft Electric needed licenses in Texas and Nevada, and fast. But the company had never been licensed beyond its home state. “I was brand new to this, and I knew we needed to move with a sense of urgency,” said Craft Electric’s CEO Valerie Craft Mitchell. “But we also needed to take our time so we wouldn’t make a mistake. I started researching the process, and as soon as I took a look at the Nevada application, I thought, okay, I’m done. There’s no way I’m going to be able to handle all this.”

The Solution

Craft Electric on site with an electrical panel

Valerie reached out to Harbor Compliance, and got an “immediate response” from her account executive. He explained what it would take to expedite her licenses, and Valerie signed on. “It was such a relief that he could steer me in the right direction and tell me exactly what he needed from me to get it done,” Valerie said. “Harbor Compliance literally turned Texas around in one week, and it was amazing. We were really excited and encouraged. I felt like I didn’t have to worry about making a mistake, because everything was handled.”

Licensing in Nevada was more involved, requiring passage of the state’s Business and Law exam by Craft Electric’s President Wes Mitchell, among other requirements. Attorney Jerri-Lynn Wier, Compliance Specialist, steered them through the process. “Jerri-Lynn was very patient and kind,” Valerie said. “She would call just to check up on us. She even sent an email to wish Wes luck on his exam and to let us know she was thinking of him. That kind of concern is so rare. It was encouraging to Wes since we got the email on the way to take his exam. It gave him a little boost.”

Once Wes passed the exam, the Nevada license was quickly secured, along with a county license. In addition to licenses, Harbor Compliance manages all of Craft’s related requirements, including foreign qualifying the business, filing annual reports, acting as registered agent, and securing surety bonds.

The Future

In the middle of this exciting and stressful time, I know the licensing aspect will not be stressful.

Valerie Craft
CEO, Craft Electric

Craft is currently gearing up to take on projects in Florida. “Jerri-Lynn has worked diligently and efficiently on helping us get licensed in Florida. With any questions I have, I always get such a quick response,” Valerie said. “We might have a need to add Arizona next, and I know the process will be smooth with Harbor Compliance.”

As second-generation owners, Wes and Valerie are steering Craft Electric through a critical stage in its development. “So much has changed since my parents established the company in 1981,” Valerie said. “It’s extremely competitive to bid work. With this new opportunity, Craft Electric is expanding to places we never thought possible, and Harbor Compliance has helped us get there.”

“I continue to tell Wes, ‘Harbor Compliance has our backs,’” Valerie said. “They make everything so easy. In the middle of this exciting and stressful time, I know the licensing aspect will not be stressful.”

The best partnerships are built on shared values. Harbor Compliance is proud to work with Craft Electric, whose mission includes being trusted, empathetic, and “willing to do whatever it takes to do the job right.” It’s a privilege to play a part in this exciting chapter in the company’s growth and success.

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