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Registered Agent Service

Nationwide Registered Agent Compliance

Appointing a registered agent is required when you incorporate or foreign qualify your business or nonprofit. We have physical offices in every state so that you can meet your registered agent requirements. In addition, look to our compliance solutions and grow your organization with confidence!

Same-Day Document Access

Our local offices in every state are open during business hours to receive your time-sensitive legal documents. We send email notifications, and you can access your documents securely online. When you receive service of process (notice of a lawsuit), we also call the primary contact for your account.

Our Registered Agent Addresses

Immediate Access to Our Address

When you order our service online, you can find our local registered agent address immediately in your account. We provide the state forms pre-filled out and signed by us in the states that required our signature.

Annual Report Notifications

Annual Report Notifications

As your registered agent, our goal is to help you stay in good standing with the state. Filing annual reports on time is critical to staying compliant. Our software tracks your annual reports and sends reminders prior to the due dates.

How Our Registered Agent Service Works

Complete the steps below to appoint us as your registered agent. Once we are listed with the state as your agent, we will receive your legal documents and reliably send them to you through your online account.

Appointing Your Registered Agent

  • Order your service prior to submitting a filing to the state. Our registered agent name and address will be necessary for your filing.
  • Access our address immediately in your account. You will find the state forms pre-filled with our information and filing instructions.
  • File with the state. We are happy to provide assistance with your filings for a flat fee. Contact us to learn more.
Access your registered agent address with our software


Our annual rate is $99 per state. You only pay once per year for ongoing access to our local office and online software. There are no additional fees for receiving documents or any other additional charges.

1 Year


A flat annual fee of $99.

Multiple Years or States

5-10% Discount

Save money for 2-3 years or for 4+ states.

Bulk Business

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We are happy to help you order for multiple entities and provide bulk rates.

Multi State Discount

Volume Discount

Save an additional 5-10% when you need Registered Agent service in multiple states. Use our Volume Discount calculator to see how much you can save.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A registered agent is a business’s legal appointee to receive notice of lawsuit and other legal or government notices. State law requires every LLC, corporation, and other business entity to have a registered agent. Learn more about registered agents in our information center.

LLCs, corporations, and other business entities must appoint a registered agent. There are two options to accomplish this.

Please call us at 1-888-995-5895 to speak with a specialist.

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